Episode 6



October 23rd, 2018

27 mins 14 secs

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"65 Percent" History is catching up to us as we dive into the referendum that solidified our current state flag.

Mississippi Flag Referendum (April 2001)

Sons of Confederate Veterans


Leslie B. McLemore II: “The state’s flag’s job is representation of the state to outsiders. The flag [represents] each state’s personal identity. So when your identity is wrapped around the Confederacy…I personally don’t understand it.”

Greg Stewart: “For me, it is a flag that represents everyone’s history… if we want to change it, that’s fine. But it’s not going to be changed by demonizing my ancestors.”

Leslie B. McLemore II: “That [Confederate] history is something that is not only divisive, but it’s a losing history.”

Chellese Hall: Maybe we should all view this flag as a threat to our heritage as current Mississippians. This flag takes away my voice as a young black woman creating a space for herself in a state whose flag waves like a hostile beacon.

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