Episode 5

Ole Miss "The Disneyland of the Confederacy"


October 16th, 2018

20 mins 27 secs

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"I Love Mississippi." There was a time when the Governor of Mississippi and President of the United States were not as chummy as they are now...

James Meredith at University of Mississippi

Dr. Marvin King

Ross Barnett “I Love Mississippi Speech”


“If Mississippi is going to maximize its potential, compete with surrounding areas, and be a substantial national and global contender in education and commerce, to be the best version of itself, to attract major businesses that can help our state and people grow socially, culturally, and economically, and retain and attract our biggest asset–the people who are here–then we must have and promote a healthy environment of inclusivity and acceptance, not one that almost always appears to be divided by racial turmoil, and that won’t happen until we learn and accept that although old traditions may never die, they can in fact be broken.”
–Chellese Hall and Beau York

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