Episode 4

Never Meaning No Harm


October 9th, 2018

27 mins 45 secs

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"Symbols matter." Just ask the fans of Batman, Superman, or any brand enthusiast. But what if your logo doesn't match your message? Looks like them podcasters are at it again!

Derek Russell

Dr. D’Andra Orey


“[A seal] triggers something in your mind so when you see it, it almost becomes an allegory for you.” –Derek Russell

“When you’re dealing with an entertainment industry that is controlled by a large white majority, I don’t think how we feel is necessarily taken into consideration. I know adults who watched the show as kids and thought nothing about the Confederate images because it was beyond their understanding then. It was just a fun show to watch. But now, as adults today, who know and understand the history of the civil war, they find the representation in the show problematic.” –Chellese Hall

“In the case of The Dukes of Hazzard, art is imitating life. It’s like a revisionist wrote the script. It took something that we find hurtful and problematic and turned it into this symbol of heroism. I don’t think it was deliberate. But it speaks to how people try to convince us that our feelings towards the flag are trivial.” –Chellese Hall

“Implicit association … you can't give us a social desire response, which is what we often find in surveys, I mean who's going to admit with having a bias against black or white?” - Dr. D'Andra Orey

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